I'm honored that you're interested in The Vintage Rental Company being a part of your special day! Here's how it works....

Take a look at our inventory and as you see items you’d like to have for your special day click “Add to Wishlist”. Once you’ve added all of the items that you’d like for your Wishlist, then proceed to “checkout”. Don’t be alarmed though, no payment is required and no payment information is taken at this stage of the game (Just click continue at the “Payment Information” tab!) This is just the submission process, it will send me your Wishlist, and I will get you your itemized Wishlist within 24-48 hours depending on your submission day.

Upon receipt of the Wishlist (via email), there's an additional form you'll receive a link to complete. This helps me get an idea of what your rental needs and event details are to be able to write up your proposal, and to better serve you with efficiency.

When I receive that completed form, I am then able to write up your official Proposal

Upon receipt of the Proposal you have a 2 week window to officially secure your rental items by signing the Rental Agreement, and submitting your 50% retainer of the Rental Sum

If you select will-call, don't be alarmed if I have my little helpers Winnie and Cohen with me! Winnie's the master-organizer, and Cohen's the new muscle of the team. We are a family business, and pickups and returns take place at our residence where our inventory is stored, so you're bound to see the whole family when you come pickup or return your items! 

If you’re feeling overwhelmed, or you’re having a hard time figuring out what you might need, shoot me an email. I’d love to setup a coffee date to talk through the options, and help you piece together your Wishlist.


DELIVERY ||  I offer delivery within a 100mi radius of Strafford, MO. (Occasional exceptions are sometimes made, but incur additional delivery fees and require a $1,000 minimum order). The Delivery rate is based off the following:

  • Time and labor involved in packing the delivery vehicle before your event.

  • Driving to your venue.

  • Delivering all rental items on your order.

  • Setting up all large furnishings such as farm tables, buffets, and general placement of lounge furniture.

  • Driving back to The Vintage Rental Company's location.

  • Returning to your venue for pickup of your rental items at the end of your event.

  • Driving back to The Vintage Rental Company's location.

  • Time and labor to unload the delivery vehicle and replace items to storage.

  • Any additional man-power required based on your order amount.

  • Accessibility at your venue.

  • Delivery rates begin at $100. There is a $300 minimum order to be eligible for Delivery.

Delivery does not include:

  • Set-up (besides items mentioned above)

  • Styling of small rental items such as table top decor.

  • Tear down of your event.

Other delivery notes: All items must be ready for pickup upon the decided delivery pick-up window. This includes:

  • Tables being wiped down and free of all table top decor

  • No guests seated in chairs or lounge furniture.

  • Smaller rental items are packed in their original packing and gathered in a central location.

  • All additional directions as outlined in care instructions attached to delivery ticket are heeded.

  • If items are not ready upon pick-up time outlined in rental agreement and invoice, then additional charges can be incurred for wait time.

  • Rental items will not be delivered to an outdoor space where cover is not available, and delivery can be cancelled should inadequate delivery conditions exist.

WILL CALL || Client pickup or Will Call is available for orders less than $300 (and larger orders if you prefer to opt for that). Appropriate means to safely and securely transport the rental items is required. This is up to The Vintage Rental Company's sole discretion, and transport of the items can be disallowed based on this judgement. Additional fees will be charged if any of the Rental Items are not returned to The Vintage Rental Company by the Return Date and Time as noted in the Rental Agreement and Invoice at the rate of twenty-five (25%) per day of the Rental Sum.

RENTAL WINDOW || Rental rates are for a 48 hour period. If you are needing a longer rental period than this, then please just ask and we may setup an extended rental discount to allow for ease of your rental experience. 

CHANGES AND CANCELLATIONS || I understand that sometimes changes have to be made, especially when you are planning far in advance. Additions can be made to your rental order up until 2 weeks before your event date (as availability allows). Please understand with cancellations and adjustments that:

  • Your retainer is non-refundable regardless of when notice of cancellation is given.

  • For order cancellations made less than 14 days before your event date, you are responsible for an additional payment equal to 50% of the remaining balance. This is due to the nature of items being held for your event and the loss of sales that it equates to if you cancel them.

  • For order changes that involve exclusions, adjustments that cause your new total to be less than the 50% retainer paid, The Vintage Rental Company is not required to refund that amount. That retainer is non-refundable.

  • If additions are made to your order, an additional retainer may be required depending on the amount of additions made.

  • All changes must be requested via email for tracking/reference purposes.

LAST MINUTE ORDERS || Rental orders made less than 2 weeks before the event date may incur a rush order fee of 10% of the rental sum. 

WEAR AND TEAR FEE || A 10% wear and tear fee is applied to ALL orders. This covers general maintenance and cleaning required pre and post event. This is different from a damage fee should items be broken or lost.

DAMAGED ITEMS || Rental items are your responsibility upon will-call or delivery. Should items be returned or picked up damaged (including candle wax, spills or water damage, and not limited to weather related damages) you are responsible for replacement fees. This can be 4-8 times the rental rate and sometimes more depending on the rental items. Damaged or missing items will incur replacement/repair fee charges. 

OUTDOOR EVENTS || Rental items cannot be left outside overnight, so please be sure to have a secure, covered place where items can be stored. 

WEATHER RELATED ISSUES || The Vintage Rental Company does not issue refunds for inclement weather.  Should bad weather or wind become an issue, we reserve the right to refuse or release items and offer a substitution of in-stock items to help facilitate an indoor function.  The client assumes all risks and hardships involved with having an outdoor event.  Please discuss “Plan B” with your coordinator.  The Vintage Rental Company is not responsible for revising your event design the day or two prior to your event, should inclement weather be ensuing.  It is our desire that your event go as smoothly as possible.  However, if you choose to chance the weather, the client assumes full responsibility for wind and weather damages.  If Company arrives for a delivery and the weather is bad or impending, we will call you or a contact person to discuss options.  Please always provide an additional contact name and number should you be unavailable the day of your event.  

CANDLE USE || Though I love the look and feel of the warmth of real candles, candles are not allowed in any terrariums, hurricanes, votives or jars. Taper candles are allowed in candelabras, brass candle holders and clear candle holders, however, I highly recommend dripless tapers as you are subject to cleaning fees for wax that has dripped on the candle holders or other decor near the candles that wax may have dripped on. If wax is found on items that do not allow open flames then you are subject to a fee five times the rental rate of that item. 

I know that some of these guidelines might sound a little harsh or extreme, but to extend the rental life of the items I have curated for my rental inventory, I have to enforce these guidelines. It also ensures you, as my client, of a quality rental experience where I'm not having to notify you of rental items being no longer available due to damage from a previous client and vice versa. I appreciate your understanding in all of this! 


If you don't see what you are looking for in our inventory, then please let me know! I'm always on the hunt for great new finds, and don't mind assisting you in this process. It saves you the time, hassle, and cost of curating these items yourself.